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Property Management Update October 2020

Hamilton suburb profile: Claudelands

Hamilton suburb profile: Chartwell/Queenwood/Chedworth

Hamilton suburb profile: Beerescourt/Forest Lake

Hamilton suburb profile: Melville/Glenview/Bader/Fitzroy

High demand for rentals and the ‘brain gain’

Hamilton suburb profile: Western Heights

Hamilton suburb profile: St Andrews/Pukete

Hamilton suburb profile: Dinsdale

Hamilton suburb profile: Nawton

Lodge Live: Brian Kneebone on 30 years in real estate

Lodge Rentals August 2020 Update

Hamilton suburb profile: Frankton

Hamilton suburb profile: Hamilton Central/Hamilton Lake/Whitiora

A good time to invest in property

Property management makes for a stress-free investment

Lodge Real Estate “by far the best” says home seller

Selling at auction made for a smooth sail into retirement

Focus on foundations as property market shows continued confidence

Hamilton’s rental market bounces back

Hamilton’s rental future still looks positive

How is the Real Estate Market looking following Covid-19?

The best sources of home renovation ideas for 2019

Home improvements that can help sell your house fast

9 great living space and living room renovations to consider

4 ways to better understand buyers in the Hamilton property market

Hamilton rental marketing still going strong amid COVID-19 concerns

Selling? Does your home suit the auction process?

Why it's a good idea to use a buyer's agent

What lies ahead for the Hamilton rental market

The dos and don’ts of tenant screening and conducting background checks

How do I give notice to end a tenancy agreement?

What do proposed changes to the Residential Tenancies Act mean for landlords and tenants?

How do I evict tenants from my rental property?

How much time and effort goes into a rental property inspection?

Do I need landlord insurance to protect my rental property?

Who is responsible for pest control in a rental property?

What Hamilton’s rapid growth could mean for future property investors

Selling a tenanted rental property: your responsibilities as a landlord

Kickstart your career with Lodge

Regulations on property management: What you need to know

Healthy Homes draught stopping: when is a draught noticeable?

Healthy Homes Heating Standards: measuring up your responsibilities

How will tenancy disputes be handled under the Healthy Homes Standards?

Deanwell home gets multiple offers after unsuccessful private campaign

Lodge Rentals September 2019 Update

How the Healthy Homes Standards have changed tenancy agreements

Are there any exemptions to the Healthy Homes Standards?

Lodge Rentals August 2019 Update

Lodge Rentals July 2019 Update

Selling at auction is a success for riverside home

Get the best of both worlds – join a team that cares and be your own boss

6 steps to work out how much you should charge for rent

Lodge Rentals June 2019 Update

3 formulas to help you budget your rental property maintenance

How to maintain your investment property and protect its value

5 best renovations to increase rent and attract good tenants

Lodge City Rentals May Update

Work hard, reap the rewards

Loan-to-value ratio: why is it important when buying an investment property?

Lodge City Rentals April Update

Handing over the keys: your property settlement day checklist

There’s positive things to gain from rental changes: Buying a rental property is still a great investment!

Lodge City Rentals February update

Is it time for a house recladding?

Don't forget the roof! Why roof maintenance matters

House extensions FAQ: what homeowners need to know

Your crystal ball: Hamilton property market predictions 2019

Laundry designs and renovations: 4 crucial need-to-knows

Ensuite and bathroom renovations: 6 things you should know

Kitchen renovations: the 5 elements of good kitchen design

Another year end, but we’re not waiting until the New Year to get anything done

Lodge City Rentals' November update

Will I need to pay tax if I sell my house?

When is the best time to sell my house in Hamilton?

Thinking of selling a rental property? Your obligations as a landlord

Can you change real estate agents when selling your house?

Is renting broken? No, but the RTA could use some fine-tuning

What to consider and the cost of preparing a house for sale

Real estate agent commissions: what will I have to pay when I sell?

Selling an investment property

Just another month in the papers for the rental industry

How to find a good builder in Hamilton

5 checks to make before buying land to build a house on

House and land packages or custom build? All your build options weighed up

Chief Scientist’s meth findings spot on, says Lodge City Rentals manager

Build a new house? Here's how to get Hamilton city council building consent.

No deposit? Get a loan to build a house with your existing home’s equity

5 reasons why building a new house makes good sense

Is there a best time to sell when you’re building a new house?

Have you checked your new home construction insurance?

Financing your build: what new home construction loans are out there?

Can you use the property cycle to time home sales and purchases in Hamilton?

No.1 oversight sellers make in their Hamilton property market research

Which Hamilton investment properties have the best rental yield?

Auction process endorsed by previous residential manager

What are the best Hamilton suburbs? Investigate these 4 statistics.

On the move: how migration is changing the Hamilton housing market

Why renters with property managers at Lodge City Rentals get the best deal

ANZ offers interest-free insulation loans to landlords

Ban letting fees? I don’t think so

5 projects set to change the face of the Hamilton property market

What is my house worth? Why not all appraisals are created equal

Can the Hamilton real estate market service an interest rate rise?

Out or up: how will we accommodate Hamilton’s growing population?

7 top tips for turning your home into a rental

Dear Simon – will you stand up for landlords?

7 reasons why Hamilton offers a better rental portfolio than Auckland

Property prophecies for 2018

Case study: Dream purchase made easy with speedy auction sale

What makes a good rental?

Turning your home into an investment property when you can't sell

Portable home loans: can I transfer a mortgage to another property?

Bridging the gap: bridging finance explained

Focus: Healthy Homes Bill – what does it mean for you?

6 sale and purchase agreement conditions buyers and sellers must know

Meet the team - Paula Wenham

Should I sell my house first or buy first?

Selling and buying a home? Assess future Hamilton suburbs with these resources.

What is a body corporate?

The great investment property insulation debate

Understanding investment property ownership structures: which one is right for you?

4 home renovation tips to create a low maintenance property

Dear Winston – let’s put landlords and tenants first

Meet the team - Lou Cables

Low maintenance landscaping for the Waikato climate

What is a real estate appraisal?

Want to save on power? Here are the best home renovations to make

Pets and property: the pros and cons of allowing animals in your rental property

How to remove wallpaper in 3 simple steps

Educating the tenant: the dos and don'ts of keeping a home warm and healthy

3 unusual home selling mistakes that will reduce your home's value

A step by step process of how to sell a house

The big move - moving out tips

Preparing for open homes

Preparing your home for sale

From sale to settlement

How to sell a house by tender

Lodge's guide to selling a house at auction

5 tricks to perfect the art of home staging

Setting up your maintenance fund

Meet the team - Gemma & Craig

Want to improve your lifestyle? Consider these Hamilton suburbs

Meet the team - Grant Paterson

Getting started: establishing your rental property portfolio

Dear Jacinda: landlords offer a valuable service

A guide to buying a rental property

Buying At Auction

Your Property Inspection Checklist

The house buying process

Meet the team - Debbie Wilton

How do I upgrade my property investment portfolio?

Capital gains or rental yield: which is better for investors?

Meet the team - James Walsh

Want to know how to increase rental yield?

Managing a rental property? Here are 3 ways to reduce landlord stress

7 reasons why Hamilton is the property investment city of the future

Negative gearing: what is it and how does it work?

Is property investment right for you?

Big is better – the advantages of a large property management company

How to keep a professional landlord-tenant relationship

Where to find good tenants in New Zealand

6 rules for selling a house in a buyer's market

Auction clearance rates might be down, but you can still sell

Economists weigh in on the state of the Hamilton property market

What do rising interest rates mean for Hamilton’s property market?

2017 so far: sales data for the Hamilton property market

5 steps to avoid a vacant rental property

Your health and safety obligations as a landlord

Field Days 2017 - Top Picks for the Hungry Farmer

Legal rights of tenants: 7 rules landlord's should know

5 ways to decide if you need a property manager

Landlord or tenant: who's responsible for property maintenance?

Meth contamination in houses: should we worry?

3 changes to the Residential Tenancies Act you need to know

Is it getting harder to find good property to rent in Hamilton?

What are the best renovations for boosting property value?

5 crucial questions to ask before embarking on a DIY renovation

The best painting techniques to paint a house like a pro

Selling a house? Here’s how to get the best price

Packing hacks 101: the cheat sheet for moving house

10 top home decor ideas to help sell your house