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Considering switching property managers? It’s easier than you think.

By Lodge City Rentals Team on 2021-09-13

A good property manager is worth his or her absolute weight in gold. However, not every landlord finds the perfect fit first time. If you’re struggling with your current property management company, but switching is in the ‘too hard basket’ (don’t worry, we get it!), this read is for you. Let’s delve into a few signs it’s time to find someone new, and how surprisingly easy it is to do so.

Signs it’s time to switch property managers

When it comes to property managers it’s crucial you’re able to tell the ‘good’ from the ‘bad’, so to speak, if you want to generate reasonable income and preserve the value of your dwelling. If you’re experiencing any of the following property management blunders – and these are just a few – it’s probably time to switch!


Consistently late rental payments

A string of late payments is a major frustration for any landlord. Regardless of a tenant's reasons for being late, a good property manager won’t be passive towards this happening. They’ll strive to ensure payments are made on time to ensure your cash flow, and in most cases loan repayments, aren’t disrupted. If your current property manager isn’t on top of this, it’s definitely time to switch.


Infrequent property inspections

Regular property inspections are absolutely key to ensuring your property remains in good condition. A good property manager will conduct an inspection every three months, plus an inspection at the beginning of the tenancy and another at the end. Following these inspections they should provide a report, which includes any repairs required. Not happening for you? Consider saying goodbye to your current property manager.


Falling behind on repairs and maintenance

Some wear and tear to your rental property is expected over time. However, if repairs and maintenance aren’t regularly attended to, you risk substantial damage and de-valuing your property. A good property manager should check for any repairs and maintenance needed during every property inspection; but most importantly they should project manage these immediately afterwards. If your property manager isn’t timely about this, their negligence may cause expensive damage. Time to look for someone new!


These are just a handful of issues you may run into with your property manager. Maybe you’re frustrated by their lack of expertise, or by your rent staying put. Perhaps they have poor communication. The bottom line is, if you’re not happy with the management of your rental property (and don’t discount pure intuition) then the time has probably come to hire elsewhere.


Believe it or not, switching is simple

If you find yourself nodding in agreement to any of the above scenarios, finding they hit a little too close to home, or you’re unhappy with your property manager for another reason - we’ve got good news. Lodge City Rentals makes switching property managers incredibly simple, and you can do it right now. Here’s how:

Step 1, get in touch: Simply give us a call or pop into one of our offices to let us know you’d like to switch. We’ll explain exactly how we’ll manage the switching process for you and answer any questions. Getting underway really is that easy.

Step 2, switching process: Lodge City Rentals General Manager Jason Waugh will connect you with one of our trusted Lodge property managers and they will arrange the standard paperwork to get you signed up as a landlord client. To finalise the switch we’ll deal with your current property manager ourselves (so it doesn’t feel like a break up!) and collect all relevant documentation. We’ll also arrange the change of bank details with your tenants so rent payments are seamlessly directed into our trust account; no payments missed in transition. Done!

Step 3, relax: Really, that’s it. Once you’re signed up as a landlord client we’ll go about managing your property the way it should be done; finding tenants if needed, undertaking rent collection, initial and ongoing inspections, and project management and property maintenance. Your new property manager will communicate with you regularly and be your main point of contact; meanwhile you can head to the beach, café or gym.

Why use Lodge City Rentals property management consultants?

We understand; you’ve invested in property, and you want to do everything you can to protect your investment. This means choosing the right property management company – especially if your first one didn’t work out so well. In case you need any convincing Lodge City Rentals’ property management consultants are the ones to switch to, here are some key benefits of teaming up with us:


  • Experience: Lodge originally began managing properties in the 1980's. That’s right; we’ve been in the property management industry for nearly 40 years. These decades of industry experience mean we can give each of our landlord clients the very best advice and service based on many years of learning.


  • Capacity: Our continued focus on excellence has driven us to become Hamilton's largest property management company. With 20 property managers in two locations, we currently manage over 3,400 properties. With our size comes capacity; we won’t fall short in meeting your unique needs.


  • Legislative knowledge: Every single one of our property managers is up to speed on all relevant legislation including the Residential Tenancies Act and the Healthy Homes requirements, and we regularly engage in training events to stay ahead of the curve. You won’t run into compliance issues with our team on board.


  • Connections: A benefit of being in the industry for so long is that we have strong connections with trusted tradespeople. Our property managers engage with tradies all the time, and have built up robust networks of reliable people they can call on when repairs and maintenance are needed.


  • Care: At Lodge, protecting your investment drives everything we do. Our team of experienced property managersare committed, proactive and trustworthy. Ultimately, they look after your properties as if they are their own.


If you’re ready to make a quick switch, give us a call today; let us take care of everything with minimal disruption to you and your tenants.

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