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Get the best of both worlds – join a team that cares and be your own boss

By The Lodge Real Estate Team on 2019-07-10

Julain recruitment blogFor some people, becoming your own boss seems like a distant dream – for Julian Seager, it’s a reality.

Having worked a nine-to-five job, Julian changed careers and chose to become a real estate agent. Now he’s reaping the benefits of flexible hours, more time with family, and working with a team that “cares about its people.”

“I've always wanted my own business,” he says. “It’s the typical dream of being my own boss and having more control over my day-to-day life. I'm also the kind of person who likes to push myself and become better.”

Julian’s start in the business came by talking to the right people. After a family member who used to work in the industry recommended Lodge, Julian met with Dinsdale Branch Manager Paul Conway to get the ball rolling.

Like anyone entering the business, Julian needed to complete a New Zealand Certificate in Real Estate before applying for his real estate license. He managed to finish the certificate in half the time it normally takes to complete it.

“[With the certificate] I did it through Skills which is self-paced. I think they recommend a 9 to 12 month time frame. I was motivated to get it done ASAP and did it in about three to four months,” he says.  

Becoming his own boss wasn’t the only thing that attracted Julian to real estate. It was also about exceeding customer expectations – something he has a passion and drive for having previously worked in highly customer-centric roles. 

“It’s the perfect challenge. At its core, it’s about helping people.”

Since becoming a member of the Lodge team, Julian can’t stress enough how supportive the company has been. From training and professional development, to advice and one-on-one sessions, Julian has benefited from the experience and expertise of senior agents.

“All the managers and the team are really approachable and generally happy to help you where needed. You slowly get to know everyone through all the trainings, meetings, property visits, and just the general day-to-day business.

“You can tell it's a company that cares about its people and that's shown all the way through your journey as an agent. They want people to be the best they can be and are extremely generous with the support they provide.

“A lot of the other salespeople are really willing to help you out too which I was surprised by. Among running their own busy and successful businesses, they're really approachable if you need help with anything or want to run ideas past them.”

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