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New Zealand’s first home sale to include ‘cattels?’ Yes, we’ve spelt that right!

By The Lodge Real Estate Team on 2023-02-03

Looking for a new home that wows? How does this sound; a contemporary family home tucked away in a quiet cul-de-sac, featuring four bedrooms, two bathrooms and excellent chattels, including a spa, and… a cat?


Certainly an unusual inclusion as a ‘cattel,’ Mark, more aptly known as ‘Mark the half-tail cat,’ moved himself into his new home one day, and the vendors at 9a Elizabeth Street quickly fell under Mark’s chain of command as ‘staff.’


His full name is the result of a lost fight with a washing machine lid, but don’t fret; the altercation has had no impact on his ‘catitude.’


Ever since Mark appeared crying on the doorstep of 9a Elizabeth Street, his presence at the Hamilton residence has been nothing short of remarkable.


Wet, shaking, and sickly, the white socked tabby kitten chose his new home and never left, despite the vendors attempts to return him to his original owner.


“When Mark arrived on our doorstep, courtesy of our neighbour, we fed him up and took him to the vets to get checked over,” the vendor shares.


“We found his original owners and returned him, but not long after Mark was at our door crying again. He had chosen 9a Elizabeth Street as his own.” Despite Marks subsequent adventures with the washing machine – he fought the whiteware and the whiteware won – he’s remained in residence.


The vendors are now moving to a new development where cats are not allowed (in the interests of protecting native wildlife) – and Mark can’t travel with them. The happy compromise? Mark is content where he is, and is willing to take on new ‘staff’ and continue to run the show at his current dwelling.


“The ideal situation is that there is a new owner out there who would like to keep Mark on,” says the vendors.


“Over the years we have come to love Mark’s unique personality, but as much as we’d like to take him with us it is sadly not possible.


“Of course, if the new owners are not keen on Mark (or allergic!), we have arranged an alternate accommodation option for him.”


Megan Smith, Lodge Real Estate Residential and Lifestyle Sales Consultant, says she believes this is the first time a cat has ever been listed in a property’s chattels, but the unconventional addition has been positively received by those interested in the property.


“Everyone who has shown interest has found the offering quite amusing, and Mark’s presence adds a real charm to the home.


“It is certainly a career first for me, and dare I say – perhaps the first time in New Zealand that a white-socked tabby has been officially included in a sale?” Megan adds.


Mark is an elusive housemate that has yet to be seen at any open homes but is reluctantly open to training his new family. The Beerescourt property will be up for auction (unless sold prior) on Wednesday 8 February 2023.


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