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Selling a tenanted rental property: your responsibilities as a landlord

You’ve decided to sell your rental property. But have you checked what your responsibilities are to your tenants? Below we outline the steps that landlords must take to make the process smooth and pain-free for all parties.

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Lodge Rentals June 2019 Update

By David Kneebone: 2019-06-19

You asked, we answered: A look back at some of our most popular advice

Now that we’re halfway through the year, it seems like the perfect time to sit back and take stock of what’s been a busy year (or three) in the rental and real estate industries.

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How to maintain your investment property and protect its value

Maintaining your investment property is in your best interests both in terms of attracting and keeping good tenants, and retaining the value of the property over time. 

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ANZ offers interest-free insulation loans to landlords

By David Kneebone: 2018-04-20

The Healthy Homes Guarantee Bill now requires landlords to insulate their rental properties. While we endorse the move to ensure all tenants have a warm, dry home we recognise this is a cost to landlords. However, ANZ has come to the party with interest-free insulation loans. Lodge City Rentals General Manager, David Kneebone gets the low down on the offer.

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Turning your home into an investment property when you can't sell

Not everyone chooses to sell their current home when they decide to move on. Sometimes, it’s not even an option. If you’re looking to hang on to your personal home and turn it into a rental, there are a few things you should know.

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Your health and safety obligations as a landlord

When it comes to keeping your rental property safe and healthy, repairs and maintenance have a major role to play. There will always be things beyond your control, such as storms, lightning strikes and earthquakes. The key thing to remember is that it’s not about trying to control the uncontrollable—it’s about reducing risk

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Tenant rights: 6 rules you should know

Tenancy disputes can turn into ugly, and costly, affairs—so it’s best to avoid them entirely. As a landlord, knowing the laws governing the legal rights of a tenant is the best way to stay on good terms.

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5 ways to decide if you need a property manager

If you’re new to landlordship, then you might be wondering whether it’s better to manage your rental property yourself or to hire a property manager. While it’s tempting to self-manage, it can be a huge time drain – especially if you're still learning the ropes.

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Landlord or tenant: who's responsible for property maintenance?

When it comes to rental maintenance, it can be difficult to know who is responsible for what. Who is responsible for cleaning or maintaining the smoke alarms? Is it you, or the tenant? Sometimes the lines get blurry.

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Meth contamination in houses: should we worry?

We’ve seen it in the headlines: meth damage makes homes uninhabitable. There’s no denying that methamphetamines (or ‘P’), is causing a lot of angst in the housing market. But is it justified?

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