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The Lodge Real Estate Team

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The best sources of home renovation ideas for 2019

Let’s forget budgeting, return on investment and property value research for a moment, and focus on the best part of renovating (apart from finishing)—finding inspiration. Once you’ve found your project muse, it’ll help keep you motivated until the last brush stroke.

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Home improvements that can help sell your house fast

If you’re preparing to sell your home, addressing your weakest home features is going to help you attract more buyers. More buyers mean more competition, and more competition means a better chance of drawing top dollar offers for your home.

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9 great living space and living room renovations to consider

You’ve heard it all before: new paint, new carpet, new open-plan, but what kind of options do you have beyond these basics in your living space renovations?

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4 ways to better understand buyers in the Hamilton property market

Understanding who your buyer is is a cornerstone to selling a house. Knowing who your key buyers are (or will be) and what their needs are can affect the value the Hamilton housing market places on your property—and how, whether and when you decide to buy, sell or invest.  

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Selling? Does your home suit the auction process?

When you start the process of selling your house, there are a lot of decisions to make. One of those includes how you want to sell your house, either through tender, fixed price, by negotiation or auction.

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Why it's a good idea to use a buyer's agent

Whether it’s your first or your tenth, using a buyer’s agent can make the process of buying a home smooth and uncomplicated, and save you precious time in our busy world.

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The dos and don’ts of tenant screening and conducting background checks

There are rules and regulations all landlords should be aware of when conducting tenant screenings and background checks, particularly around the type of information you can ask for and when. 

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How do I give notice to end a tenancy agreement?

If you’re new to being a landlord, ending a tenancy agreement may be foreign territory—with potential fines if you don’t follow the rules to the letter. Read on to learn the essential steps for ending both periodic and fixed-term tenancies.

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How do I evict tenants from my rental property?

Evicting a tenant is an extreme measure—one best avoided if at all possible. But if you’ve run out of options and all attempts to resolve and mediate have fallen through, here’s what you need to know before you proceed.

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How much time and effort goes into a rental property inspection?

Regular property inspections are an essential part of being a landlord. From ensuring your investment remains in reasonable condition to fulfilling the obligations of your landlord insurance, there are plenty of reasons why inspecting your rental property is a good idea. 

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