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The Lodge Real Estate Team

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How do I evict tenants from my rental property?

Evicting a tenant is an extreme measure—one best avoided if at all possible. But if you’ve run out of options and all attempts to resolve and mediate have fallen through, here’s what you need to know before you proceed.

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How much time and effort goes into a rental property inspection?

Regular property inspections are an essential part of being a landlord. From ensuring your investment remains in reasonable condition to fulfilling the obligations of your landlord insurance, there are plenty of reasons why inspecting your rental property is a good idea. 

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Do I need landlord insurance to protect my rental property?

In short, yes. It’s not enough to rely on your body corporate insurance or your tenants’ home and contents insurance to cover you. Landlord insurance will not only protect your property from damage but also provide cover for other tenant-related situations, such as loss of rent. 

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Who is responsible for pest control in a rental property?

Ants, roaches, spiders, bees, mice and rats are just a few of the common pest problems homes can suffer from. As a landlord, addressing these issues in your rental property comes with an extra layer that owner-occupiers don’t need to consider.

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Selling a tenanted rental property: your responsibilities as a landlord

You’ve decided to sell your rental property. But have you checked what your responsibilities are to your tenants? Below we outline the steps that landlords must take to make the process smooth and pain-free for all parties.

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Kickstart your career with Lodge

When Abi Jenkins was searching for her next career move, she didn’t have to look very far.

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Healthy Homes draught stopping: when is a draught noticeable?

Under the new Healthy Homes Standards, any landlord offering a new or renewed tenancy from 1 July 2021 must ensure their home has no gaps or holes that cause noticeable draughts. But what is considered a “noticeable” draught?

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Healthy Homes Heating Standards: measuring up your responsibilities

Under the Healthy Homes Standards, landlords must provide fixed heating capable of maintaining 18 degrees celsius in the main living area of their rental properties.

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How will tenancy disputes be handled under the Healthy Homes Standards?

While the Healthy Homes Standards have brought in changes to improve the condition of New Zealand’s rental stock, not much has changed in the rental disputes process. That said, there are a few points every landlord should be aware of.

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Deanwell home gets multiple offers after unsuccessful private campaign

With a little flair and attention to detail, the team at Lodge Real Estate can help you present your property in a way that will have potential buyers flocking.   

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