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What lies ahead for the Hamilton rental market

By David Kneebone on 2020-02-19

Last year, news stories about the residential rental market seemed about as frequent as reporting on Megan and Harry!


What Hamilton’s rapid growth could mean for future property investors

By David Kneebone on 2019-11-24

Hamilton has been dubbed ‘the city of the future’ by many who live here, and only one word comes to mind when I think of this city – growth. 


Lodge Rentals August 2019 Update

By David Kneebone on 2019-08-21

The healthy homes standards are in full effect – but do you know them as well as you think?


Lodge Rentals June 2019 Update

By David Kneebone on 2019-06-19

You asked, we answered: A look back at some of our most popular advice

Now that we’re halfway through the year, it seems like the perfect time to sit back and take stock of what’s been a busy year (or three) in the rental and real estate industries.


Lodge City Rentals May Update

By David Kneebone on 2019-05-20

New Zealanders are rightly being encouraged to invest – so what should it be? Sharemarket or property?


Lodge City Rentals April Update

By David Kneebone on 2019-04-17

The rental market is tight – but don’t let that put you off investing


There’s positive things to gain from rental changes: Buying a rental property is still a great investment!

By David Kneebone on 2019-03-19

Remember 2018? It was quite a year for the rental industry; seemingly coming to a head in August when the Government asked the public for feedback on new proposals aimed at making life better for renters.


Lodge City Rentals February update

By David Kneebone on 2019-02-21

In some ways, February for students isn’t too different to June for dairy farmers; bags are packed and cars loaded up as belongings are shifted from one house to another.                      


Your crystal ball: Hamilton property market predictions 2019

By David Kneebone on 2019-01-21

2018 saw a fair bit of rental-bashing. Between the advocacy groups and the media attention on the Government’s proposed legislation changes, New Zealand’s “damp, unlivable homes,” and the proposed RTA overhaul, it was a big year for us dispelling myths and correcting untruths.


Another year end, but we’re not waiting until the New Year to get anything done

By David Kneebone on 2018-12-12

Congratulations, you’ve made it through the year that was 2018. It was a year of Government proposals and reforms (and not just for the property industry).

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