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David Kneebone

Recent Posts

Selling an investment property

By David Kneebone: 2018-07-25

As investors, there will come a time when you decide to “cash up” and sell some of your portfolio.

When the time comes to sell your investment or rental property, there are some important processes to follow to ensure the best possible outcome.

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Just another month in the papers for the rental industry

By David Kneebone: 2018-07-16

Lodge City Rentals General Manager David Kneebone takes a look at the recent media coverage of the rental industry and explains why the reality, as usual, paints a somewhat different picture.

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Chief Scientist’s meth findings spot on, says Lodge City Rentals manager

By David Kneebone: 2018-06-19

The Government says we should no longer do composite methamphetamine testing in rental properties, and Lodge City Rentals General Manager David Kneebone says they’re completely right. He talks us through the decision and why it couldn’t have come soon enough.

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Why renters with property managers at Lodge City Rentals get the best deal

By David Kneebone: 2018-04-20

Don’t believe everything you read in the media. That’s the advice from David Kneebone, Lodge City Rentals General Manager after an article claimed renters with property managers are worse off. That’s certainly not the case at Lodge City Rentals and David explains why!

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ANZ offers interest-free insulation loans to landlords

By David Kneebone: 2018-04-20

The Healthy Homes Guarantee Bill now requires landlords to insulate their rental properties. While we endorse the move to ensure all tenants have a warm, dry home we recognise this is a cost to landlords. However, ANZ has come to the party with interest-free insulation loans. Lodge City Rentals General Manager, David Kneebone gets the low down on the offer.

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Ban letting fees? I don’t think so

By David Kneebone: 2018-04-20

Housing Minister Phil Twyford wants to ban letting fees. David Kneebone, General Manager of Lodge City Rentals, outlines why that is a bad idea.

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7 top tips for turning your home into a rental

By David Kneebone: 2018-03-27

First time landlord? David Kneebone, General Manager of Lodge City Rentals, shares his advice on stepping onto the property investment ladder.

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Dear Simon – will you stand up for landlords?

By David Kneebone: 2018-03-06

Welcome to the new gig, Simon, I hope you’ve enjoyed your first week in the hot seat.

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7 reasons why Hamilton offers a better rental portfolio than Auckland

By David Kneebone: 2018-02-15

Hamilton is a great place to live and a better place to invest. Lodge City Rentals General Manager, David Kneebone breaks down why the Tron really is the city of the future for property investors.

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Property prophecies for 2018

By David Kneebone: 2018-02-08

He’s no Nostradamus, but after his early predictions of 2018 he may well be Hamilton’s equivalent. Lodge City Rentals General Manager, David Kneebone, looks at what the new year will bring.

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