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The great insulation debate

By David Kneebone: 2017-11-28

Warm, healthy homes are in demand in New Zealand and the topic has taken extra prominence since Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and the Labour-led coalition government took their seat at the top table last month. David Kneebone, Lodge City Rentals General Manager, explains what landlords need to know about insulating their rental properties.

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Pets and property: the pros and cons of allowing animals in your rental property

By David Kneebone: 2017-10-19

Offering pet-friendly homes could mean your rental is hot property but what of the damage caused by furry friends asks Lodge City Rentals General Manager, David Kneebone.

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Educating the tenant: the dos and don'ts of keeping a home warm and healthy

By Lodge City Rentals Team: 2017-10-11

Warm, dry, healthy homes are a trending topic as Labour’s Healthy Homes Bill awaits its passage through parliament. The new legislation will require landlords to provide healthy homes for tenants, but the landlord’s work doesn’t stop there.

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Dear Jacinda: landlords offer a valuable service

By David Kneebone: 2017-09-12

David Kneebone, General Manager of Lodge City Rentals, shares his thoughts on the political policies surrounding properties that have caused heated debate in this year’s election.

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How do I upgrade my property investment portfolio?

Tighter lending and a flattening housing market means that it’s not as easy to grow a property investment portfolio as it was a few years ago. But that doesn’t mean you should throw in the towel. Owning rental properties is still a great way to build wealth. These days, we just need to be smarter about how we grow our property portfolios.

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Capital gains or rental yield: which is better for investors?

Capital gains and rental yield—they’re the two best tools for determining whether a property is a worthwhile investment. If you’ve already got one or two investment properties, you’re probably already familiar with these number-crunching accessories. But the question often debated is, which is better for building a property portfolio?

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Want to know how to increase rental yield?

A large part of turning your rental property into a profitable investments comes down to how much you charge for rent. At the surface it’s a simple equation, more rent means less (or no) mortgage to cover, which means more in your bank account, but in reality, it’s a little more complex.

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Managing a rental property? Here are 3 ways to reduce landlord stress

There’s no skirting around it. Self-managing a rental property is stressful, especially if you’re trying to fit it around another job. In the UK, a study found that 25 per cent of landlords found self-managing more stressful than they first anticipated. While a little stress isn’t a bad thing, too much can have an impact on your health, your relationships and your investment.

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Big is better – the advantages of a large property management company

By Lodge City Rentals Team: 2017-08-15

With 40 property management companies to choose from in Hamilton, which company should you place your property with? Here are five things to consider.

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How to keep a professional landlord-tenant relationship

Maintaining a healthy distance between you and your tenants not only helps keep things professional, it can also help you make better decisions about your rental properties.

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