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Meet the team - Grant Paterson

By The Lodge Real Estate Team on 2017-09-17

Meet the team - Grant paterson.jpgGrant Paterson has flourished in his career in real estate sales since joining the Lodge team in 2011.

His motivation for a change in career was a desire to be in control of his own destiny and to be rewarded for his own work, while still being part of a team.

This was a career move that certainly paid off for Grant, as he was offered the role of Rototuna Branch Manager in May 2013 after just two years in the real estate industry, which is a testament to his work ethic and dedication.

Grant believes that both his experience and skill set put him in a good position to succeed in selling homes throughout Hamilton, and enjoys the quality of lifestyle and flexibility that comes from essentially being his own boss.

“The Lodge culture cares for people” Grant says. “Lodge provides the necessary support and tools, it's a fun place to work.”

Under Grant’s management, our Rototuna branch has expanded and become a powerhouse of top real estate agents, who admire Grant’s leadership and constant guidance in their own careers.

You can view Grant’s real estate profile here.

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